singapore improv festival


05 - 08 Nov 2020


8:00 pm - 10:00 pm



Singapore Improv Festival 2020

Unscripted, rebellious theatre. Singapore’s sell-out international improv festival is back from April 16-19 at Stamford Arts Centre!

Completely unscripted and made up on the spot – it’s theatre that you’ve never seen before. And it’s all inspired by what you, the audience, give the actors!

This year, our shows dive into artistic Rebellion. In a divided, apathetic, broken world – we dare to dream of something more. We rebel for a world of Love instead. The shows onstage will reflect that but in ways we can’t predict, because they’re all going to be improvised.

Bursting onto the stage for its biggest run yet, the biennial Singapore Improv Theatre Festival features teams from around the world, including the best from Asia, its heart and core. Performances and workshops by world-class teachers and actors are open to anyone in our four-day festival at the Stamford Arts Centre.

Experience an evening where anything can happen and no two shows are the same. Whether it’s about computer games or presidential impeachments; comedy or horror (or other!) – you’ll have the power to shape each show and join our Rebellion.

Welcome to the Singapore Improv Festival 2020!

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Hourly Schedule


20:00 - 22:00
We explore how people are made to feel powerless/powerful in society. What if the Rebellion Never Happened? Join Isprikitik Musical Improv (Philippines) as we rewrite a historical event of your choice in our signature farcical, musical way! (30 min) Thick.Solid.Tight. (Singapore) brings mental health to the stage in a show that illuminates power structures in Singapore and how they get in the way of our ability to be vulnerable. (30 min) The Adamant Eves (India): As an all-women team living in Urban Bangalore, we navigate daily life by constantly challenging and reframing how we make sense of us and who we are becoming as women. (30 min) LATTITUDE (Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico): What drives you to pack up your things, leave everything behind and move to a new country? What does it mean to be a migrant and what it looks like in a more divided and sectarian world? (40 min)


20:00 - 22:00
Who’s In-Charge?
In a story, in the grand narrative - who really holds the power? “Princ(ess)es Gone Wild” is Les Musicables’s (Singapore) way of reinterpreting (and subverting) the Disney musical, exploring heroism, villainy, and fundamentally what it means to be a Prince(ss) in our improvised musical extravaganza. (30 min) El Club de la Impro (Spain): PRESS START. Inspired by computer games, our main characters have to escape where they are - though they are never free, they are slaves of the gamers that use them for fun. (30 min) Imfrog (South Korea) (30 min) Drum Machine is Jill Bernard's (USA) award-winning, one-person sweepingly epic unscripted musical featuring multiple characters in scenes, monologues and songs. (35 min)

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