Here’s a line up of shows at Singapore Improv Festival. Get your tickets before they’re sold out.


8-10pm: Open Up My Eager Eyes featuring Thick Solid Tight, Powerpoint Karaoke, Karma Cornflicts, The 4th Players

8-9.30pm: Set the World on Fire featuring Singapore American School, Yale-NUS Improv

Singapore Improv Festival 2018


8-10pm: Friday Night And The Lights Are Low featuring Imfrog, The Company Players, One and a Half Men, ASAP

Singapore Improv Festival 2018


1.30-3.30pm: Heart Is Like An Open Highway featuring Pashmy, Vitamin C from Third World Improv, Imfrog, 852 Crew

4-6pm: Players Gonna Play Play Play Play Play featuring The AB Devils, 6PM Improv, People’s Liberation Improv, Is It Wednesday Yet?

4-6pm: Shiny And New featuring The Spam Artists, The Whatsapes, Group Photo Here, Multilinguini

7-9pm: Pinky Rings Up To The Moon featuring Les Musicables, Beijing Improv, The Latecomers, SPIT

9.30-11pm: Midnight Train Going Anywhere featuring Legion of Skulls, Crammers Collective, Pajama Party

Singapore Improv Festival 2018


1.30-3.30pm: Oh-hoh-hoh-hoah featuring Revel, Karate Tuesday, Extra Rice Improv, Indian Improv Theatre Singapore

4-6pm: The Kid Is Not My Son featuring May Contain Nuts, Beijing Broads, ImproviJason, Amil & Kim

7-9pm: Is This The Real Life? featuring KurzFormChaos, Lisa Rowland, Nick Byrne, Modern Schemers


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