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Noteworthy future show

Every Saturday: Cagematch

Where: The Improv Company (62B South Bridge Road)
When: 0930pm onwards
RSVP on Facebook | Tickets $10 at the door
Two kickass comedy teams go head-to-head in an improvaganza!

September 1: Sometimes Trouble vs The Spam Artists
September 8: Sometimes Trouble vs Socks
September 22: Pamshmy
September 29: ASAP Improv

Grab your popcorn and watch them brawl for your LOLs.

They’ll blow you away with an electrifying evening of on-the-spot intrigue and hilarity.

You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll cancel your NETFLIX subscription!

When it’s over, you choose who returns next week to defend the crown against an ALL-NEW TEAM!

Brought to you by The Modern Schemers and The Improv Company.

September 1: The Company Players present: Rap Battle Royale

improv rap battle
Where: The Improv Company (62B South Bridge Road)
When: 7.30pm onwards
Facebook Event | Online booking
Price $10 (online) | $15 (at-the-door)

Inspired by what you see riding the bus every day, The Company Players bring their signature form across Singapore!

Weaving together shades of Rick and Morty and the iPhone X, watch as they create an incredible tapestry of technology-induced malaise.

Like pre-revolutionary Russian literature meets improv, TCP’s historic brand of comedy is sure to leave you simply amazed and ‘rapped’ up in giggles! Be sure to catch this sometimes-applauded group (that a recent journalism graduate called ‘Instagramable’)!

PLUS – Use your ticket for this show to watch Cagematch #10 at 9.30pm for FREE!

September 2: Indian Improv Theatre SG Open Jam – Wanted For Marriage

iitsg jam
Where: The Improv Company (62B South Bridge Road)
When: 4pm to 6pm
RSVP on Facebook | Free!
Indian Improv Theatre is holding an open Jam! Come play with us, no experience required!

September 7: Zen of Improv – an improv workshop with Brad Daniels

zen of improv
Where: Genetix S Pte. Ltd. [#05-11, 47 Kallang Pudding Road]
When: 7pm-0930pm
From $33, book online
This workshop is aimed at beginner to mid-experienced improv performers who are looking to expand their skills and get a fresh perspective on improvisation.

In improv, performers need to be able to let go of the ego, to be fully in the moment. But they also need to be able to look at the bigger picture of what a scene – or a show – needs at a particular point. Though a series of games and exercises, participants are put in “two minds”.

The workshop aims to teach performer techniques to stop trying to win at improv, and start aiming to succeed. Letting go of is why the best players can make improvisation seem effortless. Great improv is not about making connections, it’s about uncovering connections that were already there.

The Boris is also featured as a performance & training game – because a brilliant mind in panic is a beautiful sight.

September 14: OPEN MIC – Stand-up and Improv

Where: Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity (89A Desker Road)
When: 8pm-0930pm
RSVP on Facebook

Standup and Improv troupe The Latecomers host a one-of-a-kind improv and standup open mic presented by Method Productions.

Sign up for a spot here. NO REGISTRATION FEE REQUIRED.

Stand-ups get 5 minutes, improv troupes get 10 minutes.

This is the place to come experiment with your newest material and experiments.


September 22: ‘That 80s Show’ by Les Musicables

les musicables improv singapore
Where: The Improv Company (62B South Bridge Road)
When: 7pm onwards
Tickets |
RSVP on Facebook

Get your hairspray and oversized blazers ready! Les Musicables presents a happen’en blast from the past in THAT 80S SHOW! Watch as they create schweet techno-esque musical numbers that will leave you blown big-time! So motor over with your Walkmans and join us for a nostalgic night of mayhem!

PLUS – If you’re watching the Saturday show, use your ticket/receipt to watch Cagematch! #12 on the same night at 9.30pm for FREE!

September 23: Sometimes Trouble – Desenfrenado

sometimes trouble
Where: The Improv Company (62B South Bridge Road)
When: 5pm to 6pm
RSVP on Faecbook
Sometimes Trouble is doing a one hour show as a send off for the lovely Cecilia Encinas Gamazo. We’re super sad to see her go and wanna have as much fun as possible before she leaves us. Tickets are 10 bucks a pop and we’re gonna use the money to rent the space and buy as much booze as we can. The show will be followed by an after-party in Bugis, so be prepared for a boozy, funny, teary Sunday evening!!

Tickets can be purchased via transfer to Shu’s DBS account- PayLah to 96308838.

More details will be provided soon!

September 28: Left in Stitches: A Comedic Improvisation Showcase

Where: Haque Centre of Acting and Creativity [89A Desker Road]
When: 8pm-9:30pm
Facebook event page | Get tickets $10 online

Method Production’s presents Left in Stitches: A Comedic Improvisation Showcase!

LEFT IN STITCHES is back with a new formula!

First, HCAC Intermediate improv students will perform a daring and classic improv format – THE HAROLD.

Then – watch established super-troupe BO$$ bring down the house.

After that – we will all mix up and perform a bit of a Montage – all together – all supportive – all hilarious.

September 28: Comedy Wars

comedy wars
Where: The Merry Lion [89A Desker Road]
When: 8pm-9:30pm
Facebook event page | Get your tickets online

Early Bird Tickets: $10 entry only
Online Tickets $15 entry only / $25 inc 1 drink (save $4)
On the Door – $20 entry only

It’s time to take off the kids’ gloves in this brand-new comedy show: COMEDY WARS. This is where we pits 6 comics against each other in various improvised stand-up games, pushing their comedy talents to the limits before a winner is crowned and you, the audience, will decide!

Egos will be bruised, insults will be thrown, and probably a microphone or two shall be dropped, but only one among them will win these COMEDY WARS!

Our Comedians this month are to be confirmed!

September 29: Panel of Improv #2 – Creative Direction

panel creative direction
Where: The Improv Company (62B South Bridge Road)
When: 4pm to 6pm
Facebook Event | (Limited seats so book your slot here.)
In the 2nd Installment of our PANEL OF IMPROV series, we’ll be exploring the ‘Creative Direction’ of current improv troupes and how each team found their own unique niches in the improv scene. Entry is FREE and OPEN to the public!

Our Panellists:
Joel Dunstan Chua – Les Musicables & ASAP Improv
Pamy Tan – Les Musicables & ASAP Improv
Raemiguel Lee – Did I Do It? – An Improvised Murder Mystery
Vic Ong – Shakespeare Improv
Kim Tan – Shakespeare Improv
Prescott Gaylord – Baltimore Improv Group

September 29: The Company Players Present: Dinner Party

Singapore Improv
Where: The Improv Company (62B South Bridge Road)
When: 7.30pm onwards
Facebook event page |Tickets
An improvised banquet of hilarity awaits you this culinary evening! Join our chefs from The Company Players as they whip up a confectionary delight with whatever ingredients you throw at them! Make your reservations now while the stoves are hot~

PLUS – Use your ticket for this show to watch Cagematch! #13 on the same night at 9.30pm for FREE!

September 29: Schemers Improv Nights 19

modern schemers improv
Where: Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity (89A Desker Road)
When: 7pm-0830pm
Facebook event page |


Strap yourself in for a night of riotous, on-the-spot comedy with The Modern Schemers!

On 29 September, rock up at HCAC for an off-the-rails evening of kickass improv with Singapore’s longest-running improv team. They’ll transmogrify your suggestions into wild & weird stories, made just for you!

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll have a great night. All for just $10.

Get your tickets now.

Come try out improv

September 15, 29: The Improv Company’s Improv for Everyone Taster Sessions

Where: The Improv Company (62B South Bridge Road)
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A little nervous about signing up for a full course? No worries! Every first and third Saturday, The Improv Company hosts our Improv For Everyone workshop.

It’s a fun, no-pressure introduction to improvised theatre, suitable for any age or personality type! In this taster session, you can try out a few games and exercises about the principles behind improv and comedy. Wear comfortable clothes and drop in for two hours.


Noteworthy future show

October 1: PPTK Singapore: An Improvised Presentation Comedy Show

PowerPoint Karaoke Singapore

What happens when you create a bunch of random slides and get presenters who have never seen them before to speak about them?

You are about to find out in this exciting new comedy show–PowerPoint Karaoke Singapore (PPTKTV).

With topics ranging from anything from a startup pitch to a quarterly business review to a PhD thesis defence, watch as our speakers think on their feet to give a presentation, unlike anything you will ever see again.

What’s even better? You, as the audience, get to choose what the speakers will be presenting.

🗓️ 1 October 2018 | 8pm to 9.30pm
🏛️ ACC EduHub (Oasis 1 & 2)
Tickets | Click here to RSVP on Facebook for event updates

November 2, 3: Did I Do It? An Improvised Murder Mystery

murder mystery

Where: Aliwal Arts Centre #01-03 
Tickets from $25 [Book online]

In 1920s Singapore, the Jazz Age is in full swing and our unsuspecting characters are having a ball.

Festivities are suddenly cut short when one of the guests is murdered. Who’s the unfortunate victim? Who’s the cunning murderer? What are everyone’s motives? We literally don’t know, since our cast has no scripts!

As an audience member, you’ll have opportunities throughout the night to determine the fates of our worried characters. Come and help us answer this very question: “Did I Do It?”

Parental Guidance is advised.


Check out our calendar for improv classes and the most up-to-date schedule.

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