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October 1: [SOLD OUT] PPTK Singapore: An Improvised Presentation Comedy Show

PowerPoint Karaoke Singapore

What happens when you create a bunch of random slides and get presenters who have never seen them before to speak about them?

You are about to find out in this exciting new comedy show–PowerPoint Karaoke Singapore (PPTKTV).

With topics ranging from anything from a startup pitch to a quarterly business review to a PhD thesis defence, watch as our speakers think on their feet to give a presentation, unlike anything you will ever see again.

What’s even better? You, as the audience, get to choose what the speakers will be presenting.

October 6: The Company Players present Generic Short-Formz

Singapore Improv the company players
Where: The Improv Company (62B South Bridge Road)
When: 8 onwards
Facebook Event | Online booking
Price $10 (online) | $15 (at-the-door)

Do you like your formz to be short and sweet? When someone asks you what you’d like to eat, d’you say “Anything” or “Whatever”?

Well, The Company Players has the show for you! Come and join the gang as they play an all-encompassing set of ‘Whose Line’-style* games that can appease the most non-aligned of viewers!

*Drew Carey not included

October 12: Halloween with the Latecomers: An Improv Comedy Show with Laughs and Terror

latecomers halloween

Where: The Merry Lion
When: 8pm-10:30pm
Facebook event page | Get tickets
Tickets from $10 online

Halloween with the Latecomers: An Improv Comedy Show with Laughs and Terror. But mostly laughs.

The Latecomers are back at it with rapid-fire punchlines, funny Improv scenes and show-stopping songs. All made up on-the-spot, sparked by your wildest suggestions.

From spontaneous serenades to super-weird stories, it’s going to be a kickass way to kickstart your weekend — and get in the Halloween parties early.

Grab tickets now and rock up at the Merry Lion, Singapore’s one and only comedy bar, on 12 Oct (Friday) at 8pm!

We promise a killer thriller tonight…

October 13: Off Script: Film Meets Improv with The Modern Schemers

Singapore Improv
🏢Where: Lifelong Learning Institute
📅When: 2pm  onwards
Free. Register online for booking | FB Event Page
Perspectives partners with The Modern Schemers, Singapore’s longest-running improv team, to showcase improv performances based on our festival theme of Institutions.

Improv comedy is a performance art created in the moment with no scripts and preparation; everything is made up on the spot as suggested by the audience. The Schemers will take a single suggestion as a seed to grow a complex world, fully fledged characters, and an engrossing, hilarious plot.

On top of the performances, Perspectives will also hold a Q&A session with the Schemers to explore the connections between film and improv.

There is no entry fee for this event. Walk-ins are welcomed but seats are limited, so be sure to RSVP to avoid disappointment. See you there!

October 13: Improv Comedy with The Modern Schemers at Lit Up 2018

🏢 Aliwal Arts Centre Black Box
📅 7pm onwards
RSVP on Facebook | Tickets from $15 online

“Never Have I Ever” is an all-new improv comedy show cooked up by The Modern Schemers.

Play the party game “Never Have I Ever” with us, then watch us weave the all the things you could never do or say into a show like nothing you’ve ever seen — a gonzo tapestry of Singapore’s past, present and future.

October 19: IITSG: Brown Mirror : Tech or Treat

Singapore Improv Theatre
Where: kult kafe
When: From 8pm
RSVP on Facebook | Tickets from $15 online
Technology has infiltrated our lives. So why not let the tech nerds of IIT-SG infiltrate your Friday evening with some tech themed improv comedy? We are, after all, inspired by the Indian Institute of Technology. It is high time we live up to our name.

In the weeks leading up to Halloween, Come and indulge in the shared stories of fear, frustration and overall WTF-ness that we experience when dealing with all things tech. Who knows, you might just get your next hackathon idea in the bargain!

October 19: OPEN MIC – Stand-up and Improv

Where: Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity (89A Desker Road)
When: 8pm-0930pm
RSVP on Facebook

Standup and Improv troupe The Latecomers host a one-of-a-kind improv and standup open mic presented by Method Productions.

Sign up for a spot here. NO REGISTRATION FEE REQUIRED.

Stand-ups get 5 minutes, improv troupes get 10 minutes.

This is the place to come experiment with your newest material and experiments.


October 20: ASAP Presents “I am Brother Hand 4”, an improvised reality singing competition.

asap brother hand

Where: Word Forward (#02-05) at Aliwal Arts Centre
When: 7.30pm to 9pm
Facebook Event | Online booking

After three successful iterations of their improvised reality singing competition, ASAP is back with a fourth season of “I Am Brother Hand”!

Yes, that means more original never-before-heard songs inspired by your suggestions, more unscripted never-before-seen back stories and inspired scenes, and more wacky somewhat bilingual (we perform primarily in English but might throw in some Mandarin and/or dialect) fun with the ASAP crew.

And at the end of it all, you get to vote for your favourite contestant, just like in a real reality singing competition!

Opening the show for us are our lovely friends at 华语苦 (Hua Yu Ku a.k.a. Chinese Language Suffering), a bilingual improv group who are linguistically deficient in Mandarin but trying their darnest to be more proficient at it.

October 20: Dungeons & Improv by The Company Players

dungeons and dragons improv
Where: The Improv Company (62B South Bridge Road)
When: 8.30 onwards
Facebook Event | Online booking
Price $10 (online) | $15 (at-the-door)

Welcome to a place where dragons, magic rings and enchantments are real. You are all summoned to The Improv Company to witness The Company Players’ quest in creating a fellowship of adventure!!! What say you?

Your aid is required to bring this Dungeons and Dragons Campaign to life. Humans, orcs, dwarves, elves and all sorts of magical creatures will be awaiting you on 20th October!

October 21: Rainbow Jam at The Improv Company

Where: The Improv Company (62B South Bridge Road)
When: 2pm to 4pm
Facebook Event
🚶 Open to all members of the LGBTQ+ community (no improv experience required)

We’re BACK, squirrelfriends!!!

Sashay your way to 62A South Bridge Road for the second rendition of our fabulous Rainbow Jam. Bring a friend, heck, bring two. No previous improv experience required, just an open 🍑🍑🍑mind 😘

October 27: Schemers Improv Nights #20

modern schemers improv
Where: Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity (89A Desker Road)
When: 7pm-0830pm
Facebook event page |


Strap yourself in for a night of riotous, on-the-spot comedy with The Modern Schemers!

Rock up at HCAC for an off-the-rails evening of kickass improv with Singapore’s longest-running improv team. They’ll transmogrify your suggestions into wild & weird stories, made just for you!

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll have a great night. All for just $10.

Get your tickets now.

Come try out improv

October 6, 20: The Improv Company’s Improv for Everyone Taster Sessions

Where: The Improv Company (62B South Bridge Road)
Register to receive updates | FB Event Page
A little nervous about signing up for a full course? No worries! Every first and third Saturday, The Improv Company hosts our Improv For Everyone workshop.

It’s a fun, no-pressure introduction to improvised theatre, suitable for any age or personality type! In this taster session, you can try out a few games and exercises about the principles behind improv and comedy. Wear comfortable clothes and drop in for two hours.


Noteworthy future show

November 2, 3: Did I Do It? An Improvised Murder Mystery

murder mystery

Where: Aliwal Arts Centre #01-03 
Tickets from $25 [Book online]

In 1920s Singapore, the Jazz Age is in full swing and our unsuspecting characters are having a ball.

Festivities are suddenly cut short when one of the guests is murdered. Who’s the unfortunate victim? Who’s the cunning murderer? What are everyone’s motives? We literally don’t know, since our cast has no scripts!

As an audience member, you’ll have opportunities throughout the night to determine the fates of our worried characters. Come and help us answer this very question: “Did I Do It?”

Parental Guidance is advised.

2-3 Nov 2018 | 8.30pm | Aliwal Arts Centre

Did I Do It? – An Improvised Murder Mystery🗓️ 2-3 Nov 2018 | 8.30pm🏛️ #01-03 Aliwal Arts Centre🎟️ $20-25* (limited concessions available)📷: Jon Cancio✂️: Pang Sern Yong

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