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May 4: Whose Company Is It AnyPlay? (by The Company Players)

βŒ› 7.30pm
🏒 The Improv Company
πŸ’΅ S$10
Facebook Event Page | Booking Link

The Company Players are starting the year with some good ol’ classic improv games! Get your Drew Carey-vibe on and buzzer your way to The Improv Company for some hearty laughs and fun times!!!!

May 5: Improv 301 Grad Showcase (May 2019)

πŸ—“οΈ Sun, 5th May 2019 (8.00pm)
🏫 The Improv Company Studio* (62B South Bridge Road)
🎟️ $10 [at-the-door] | FB Event

The latest batch of graduands from our Improv 301 classes will be staging their first-ever short-form improv comedy show! Come watch as they take your suggestions and turn them into hilarious scenes on the fly! Our graduates will be performing long-form improv formats.

May 9: DANTE’S IMPROVFERNO by Delta Force Improv

Singapore Improv

βŒ› 7.30pm to 9.30pm
🏒 The Merry Lion
πŸ’΅ S$20
Booking Link

Limbo! Lust! Gluttony! Greed! Wrath! Heresy! Violence! Fraud! Treachery! LIVE ON STAGE!!

The Inferno is the first part of Dante’s epic poem The Divine Comedy. It describes Dante’s journey through Hell, guided by the ancient Roman poet Virgil. Hell is depicted as nine concentric circles of torment located within the Earth.

May 10: Left in Stitches: A comedic improv showcase

Learn Improv in Singapore

βŒ› 8pm
🏒 Haque Center of Acting & Creativity
πŸ’΅ S$10
Facebook Event Page | Booking Link

Left In Stitches is a 90-min show featuring a showcase of talent from HCAC’s comedic improv class – complete with short-form improv games like you might have seen on TV.

May 15: Improvanopolis Presents “The Living Room”

βŒ› 8pm to 9.30pm
🏒 The Merry Lion
Booking Link

Come out for short form improv in the vein of β€œWho’s Line Is It Anyway”!!

Featuring professional actors from around the globe. Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, and the US!!

May 18: StorySpine by The Company Players

πŸ“… Saturdays (18 May | 15 Jun) 7.30pm
🏒 The Improv Company (62b South Bridge Road)*
🎟️ $10 (online) | $15 (at-the-door)

The Company Players present STORYSPINE!!!

Come see The Company Players make up a play on the spot. There may be: villainy, love, death, joy, revolution, a worldwide coconut ice cream shortage…

May 19: MONO A MONO by Adhoc Improv Shows

improv in singapore

βŒ› 3pm
🏒 The Improv Company
πŸ’΅ From S$10
Facebook Event Page

MONO A MONO celebrates two types of mono in improv: the monologue and the mono scene.

Expect two works in this show each inspired by an audience suggestion!

MONO 1: each performer will present a monologue based on audience suggestions, and the narrative will proceed from them!

MONO 2: based on an audience suggestion, a scene will be ‘painted’ and a single (mono) scene will unfold.

Everything is unscripted, so be ready to expect the unexpected. πŸ™‚

Starring Luke from The Latecomers and The Modern Schemers, Shu from Sometimes Trouble and Vic from First Draft Shakespeare and Les Musicables.

Tickets are $10 for purchases made in advance and $15 at the door, so book yours now! Details on FB Page

May 24: The Faculty Show at HCAC

βŒ› 7.30pm to 9.30pm
πŸ›οΈ Haque Centre of Acting and Creativity
🎟️ $10
Facebook Event Page | Booking Link

The first comedy show headlined by HCAC instructors! Join us for a night of laughter and fun! A 90 minute show featuring the unique fusion of theatre and improvisational comedy, only to be witnessed here! There will also be a time slot catered solely to open mic, so one can expect more than just acting for the night!

May 24, 31: Latecomers at Flipside Scratch Night

πŸ—“οΈ 24 May
βŒ› 9:15 to 9:45pm
πŸ›οΈ Esplanade Annexe Studio
🎟️ Freeee!
Facebook Event Page

The Latecomers & Sam See are hosting Flipside’s first every open mic!

Starting at 9:45, see Singapore’s freshest talent, and for no money at all!

The Latecomers will be doing a pre-show set from 9:15 to 9:45, and you guessed it, FREE OF CHARGE TOO! So come down to watch so much talent for such little costs!

For the first time at Flipside, practising and aspiring artists are invited to present short performances of 5–15 minutes in a light-hearted night of exploration and discovery. The scratch night will have a special focus on music and comedy with a twist, puppetry, physical/visual theatre and contemporary circus. This new festival platform is an opportunity for artists to test new material and ideas on a small, friendly audience, promising to be a fun night out for those who enjoy surprises and the good ol’ open mic format. Promising participants might just be offered the opportunity to have their acts developed and featured in the next edition of Scratch Night!

Flipside Scratch Night will be hosted by improv comedy troupe, The Latecomers, and feature two short works-in-progress.

May 25, 26: Storybox: The Showcase (by Jonathan Pitts & Friends)

storybox by Jonathan Pitts

πŸ—“οΈ Sat 25th & Sun 26th May’19 (7.30-8.30pm)
πŸ›οΈ The Improv Company (62B South Bridge Road)
🎟️ $10 [at-the-door]

Come watch the attendees of the ‘Storybox’ workshop as they bring the Storybox format to life!

“Storybox”, a combination of storytelling techniques inspired by Paul Sills’ Story Theater and Japan’s Noh Theatre, used to create an improvised tale of epic proportions and multiple layers.

Storybox’s ensemble of actors create the show based on two audience suggestions as the ensemble weaves a whole tale and takes the audience on an amazing theatrical adventure. The show can be altered to any time limit and can incorporate any theme.

Unlike any other theatrical experience out there, β€œStorybox” is a unique mix of improv, theatre, and storytelling that is sure to take the audience on a journey of a lifetime.

Using only wooden sticks and colorful pieces of cloth for costumes and props, the highly talented ensemble of professional actors use movement, songs, and storytelling to create characters, scenes, and the overall story arc. The performance features improvised environments, images, and stage tableaux as the actors lead the audience on a creative journey

May 26: A Series of Comedies: Part I (by First Draft Shakespeare)

πŸ“… 26th May 2019 (Sun) | 9.30pm
🏒 The Improv Company studio* (62b South Bridge Road)
🎟️ $10 (online) | $15 (at-the-door)
Facebook Event Page

Out of Shakespeare’s thirty-seven (known) plays, did you know that almost half of his repertoire comprises of Comedies? Laugh a-merry with First Draft Shakespeare as they improvise the Bard’s candidness and wit with their first installment in ‘A Series of Comedies’!

May 28: PowerPoint Karaoke Singapore – May Show

βŒ› 8pm to 9.30pm
🏒 The Hive Carpenter
πŸ’΅ From $10
Facebook Event Page | Booking Link

After multiple sold out shows, PowerPoint Karaoke is back!

What happens when you create a bunch of random slides and get presenters who have never seen them before to speak about them?

You are about to find out in this exciting comedy show–PowerPoint Karaoke Singapore (PPTKTV).

With topics ranging from anything from a startup pitch to a quarterly business review to a PhD thesis defence, watch as our speakers think on their feet to give a presentation, unlike anything you will ever see again.

What’s even better? You, as the audience, get to choose what the speakers will be presenting.

May 31: IITSG: The Electoral Dysfunction

Indian Improv Theatre Singapore

βŒ› 7.30pm to 11pm
🏒 kult kafe
πŸ’΅ S$15
Facebook Event Page | Booking Link

An evening of improv based on the idiosyncrasies of the Indian General Election. You might not have been able to vote for the real one, but come cheer and vote for your favourite improvised political party and have your say. Your vote will determine who leads the biggest improvised democacy in the world.

May 4, 18, 27: Workshop – ‘Improv for Everyone’ Taster Session

improv classes in singapore

🏒 The Improv Company (62B South Bridge Road)
πŸ’΅ S$15
Facebook Event Page | Booking Link

The Improv Company hosts an Improv For Everyone workshop three times every month! This one-off workshop is a fun, no-pressure introduction to improvised theatre, suitable for any age or personality type! In this taster session, you can try out a few games and exercises about the principles behind improv and comedy. Wear comfortable clothes and drop in for two hours.

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