ASAP is one of Singapore’s premier improv teams that has performed both locally and in the region. 

ASAP specializes in narrative-style improv that seeks to entertain audiences through improvised storytelling.


The Company Players

The Company Players are one of The Improv Company’s (Singapore) house teams, and they love improv.

The Company Players will make something up, improv-wise, and give everyone involved – audience, players, government censors – a great time.

group photo here


Group Photo Here

Group Photo Here may be a relatively young team, but they are not one to shy away from spreading the joy of improv. 

Indian improv theatre SG
Indian Improv Theatre SG

IITSG draws on the richness and diversity of South Asian life, to create fun and relatable content. IITSG itself stands for Indian Improv Theatre Singapore – though the name is a nod to Indian Institute of Technology (IIT is the Harvard of India – and the university their parents wish they could’ve attended).

They serve up improv short form games with a dash of masala! Focusing on the South Asian experience – including (but not limited to) overbearing relatives, parental disappointment, awkward dates, and the looming opportunity/threat of arranged marriage, many of the themes IITSG covers are as universal as they are South Asian. If you’ve ever been compared to your cousins or cornered by an aunty at a social function, you’ll probably appreciate what they have in store!

karma cornflicts singapore improv


Karma Cornflicts

A troupe formed in 2016, Karma Cornflicts present their unique take of ‘Mediumprov’. Karma Cornflicts will be bringing improvised goodness that’s not too short, not too long, but just right.

Like their name suggests, they’re like that tasty breakfast cereal that will fill you up, but also leave you wanting for more.

Latecomers Singapore Improv


The Latecomers

Late to the scene, on time with the punchlines.The Latecomers are an international improvisational comedy troupe based in Singapore, performing regular shows twice a month, as well as hosting community Open Mic nights and performances featuring various teams. The Latecomers are assembled from some of Singapore’s finest Improv troupes, international star performers and Singapore’s funniest stand-ups.

The Latecomers will be presenting a scrumptious omakase of crowd favourites and unexpected delights. Watch them mime, gag, sing and act in an unexpected, delightful frenzy of fun, faff and laughter.

Singapore Improv May Contain Nuts


May Contain Nuts

The members of May Contain Nuts are all recent graduates of Yale-NUS College, with members who have experience ranging from 4-years and founding a troupe, to one intense six-hour class.

A self-professed new and excited troupe, they’re eager for the opportunity to perform for a larger audience for the first time. The Nuts will be performing a short-form game, which will inspire their long form performance.

les musicables sif
Les Musicables

Les Musicables is Singapore’s only dedicated musical improv team. Story, music, and lyrics are all created on the spot, as they channel our inner Sondheim and entertain audiences.

Singapore Improv Modern Schemers


The Modern Schemers

The Modern Schemers are Singapore’s longest-running improv team. They put up wild shows with topics that range from gender trouble to genre parody.




A troupe that believes in having fun on stage and making sure that their energy resonates onto the audience, making you feel like you are a part of the show! 

PowerPoint Karaoke (PPTK)

What happens when you create a bunch of random slides and get presenters who have never seen them before to speak about them? You are about to find out. With topics ranging from anything from a quarterly business review to a PhD thesis defence, watch as improvisers think on their feet to give a presentation unlike anything you will ever see again.

singapore american school improv


Singapore American School

On The Shoulders of Giants” from the Singapore American School.

Spam Artists

The Spam Artists are a team of fun-loving and clearly morally passable people (Teng Yan, Dennis, Miguel, Pang, Adam, and Charlie) who came together because of their common love of wacky humour, comedy and improv. They will be playing a series of short-form improv games that will turn suggestions from the audience into crazy sketches, jokes and (possibly) even songs!


Thick. Tight. Solid
Yale-NUS Improv Comedy Conglomerate

Yale-NUS Improv Comedy Conglomerate is an improv troupe from Yale-NUS College, Singapore. Started by the inaugural batch of students as a casual group that gathered and played improv games, it has since evolved into a full-fledged troupe that regularly holds its own internal shows as well as performs outside of Yale-NUS. They perform non-scripted comedic skits, create stories, and play games using audience suggestions.