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August 3: Improv with Latecomers

latecomers improv singapore

Where: The Merry Lion
When: 8pm-10:30pm
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Tickets from $10 online

Buckets of frosty beer meet barrels of laughs. TGIF with SG’s funniest improv show!

The Latecomers are back at it with rapid-fire punchlines and show-stopping songs. All made up on-the-spot, sparked by your wildest suggestions.

From spontaneous serenades to super-weird stories, it’s going to be a kickass way to kickstart your weekend.

Grab tickets now and rock up at the Merry Lion, Singapore’s one and only comedy bar, on 3rd Aug (Friday) at 8pm!

The Latecomers are an international improvisational comedy troupe, based in Singapore. They create songs, sketches and memorable characters on the spot, based on suggestions from the audience and their own wondrous minds. They were the first improv group to perform at the Singapore Comedy Fringe in 2017 and have performed in Shanghai, Manila, Hong Kong and KL, and are back after a series of performances at the Esplanade!

August 4: Multilingual improv at TEDx Pickering Street

tedx improv

Where: Enabling Village
When: 6.15pm
Facebook event page

The crew from Modern Schemers and The Latecomers (shipname Lateschemers) are coming together to bring multi-language improv to TEDx Pickering Street.


August 4: ASAP Presents “Talk Cock Sing Song 3”, a night of improvised song and games

asap improv singapore
Where: Word Forward (#02-05) at Aliwal Arts Centre
When: 7pm to 8.30pm
Facebook Event | Online booking)

The Kok family is back! This time, they’ll Stand Up for Singapore with pride in this special National Day improv gameshow! “Count on Me!”, was what the Koks shouted at their grassroots leader from afar, as the man combed their HDB estate for an average Singaporean family to be a part of this government-commissioned programme. They’ll be playing games (musical or otherwise) like the ones on Whose Line Is It Anyway, as they celebrate One People One Nation One Singapore, in this country that they call Home.

Based off your suggestions, they’ll have to come up with original songs and create never-before-seen sketches on the spot.

So laugh along with them (or at them) and host cum maestro Joel Chua as they talk cock, sing song, and maybe play mahjong for your entertainment in this entirely improvised and unscripted show of epic proportions.

Opening the show is Huayu Ku (华语苦), an improv group/tuition centre full of potato-eaters who are trying their best to learn Mandarin. Join them as they courageously tackle what’s supposed to be their Mother Tongue and fail spectacularly along the way. (Huayu Ku will be performed in a mix of Mandarin and English)

Tickets are $15 online, and $20 at the door.

August 4: The Company Players present Survivorprov

Where: The Improv Company (62B South Bridge Road)
When: 7pm to 8pm
Facebook Event | Online booking

In regular improv shows, the improvisers’ mission is to support and make each other look good. In this show, however, it’s every player for himself.

Watch as The Company Players fend for themselves to create mind-blowing improv scenes while battling the elements, and each other. Audience members will possess crucial powers unimaginable that will shake the course of the game at any moment. Improvisers must learn to create alliances, trust one another, and deceive other players if needed, or they will be voted off their team. In the end, only one will remain to claim the title of The Improv Company’s Sole Survivor.

The annual SURVIVORPROV is back for its SECOND season!!!
Out-Yes! | Out-And! | OUTLAUGH!

PLUS – Stay on afterwards to watch Cagematch! at 9.30pm!

August 4: CAGEMATCH! NOT OK! vs Karma Cornflict

Where: The Improv Company (62B South Bridge Road)
When: 0930pm onwards
RSVP on Facebook | Tickets $10 at the door
Singapore Improv Cagematch
Super-duper duo NOT OK gets in a street fight with homegrown heartthrobs KARMA CORNFLICTS! Will ‘Murica defend the crown? Or is their karmic comeuppance at hand?!!

Grab your popcorn and watch them brawl for your LOLs.

They’ll blow you away with an electrifying evening of on-the-spot intrigue and hilarity.

You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll cancel your NETFLIX subscription!

When it’s over, you choose who returns next week to defend the crown against an ALL-NEW TEAM!


Brought to you by The Modern Schemers and The Improv Company.

August 9: The Improv Company presents The Rainbow Jam

improv rainbow jam
Where: The Improv Company (62B South Bridge Road)
When: 10am to Noon
Details in image

In the spirit of Pink Dot SG 2018, LGBTQ+ members of the Improv Community are planning a RAINBOW JAM on National Day!

This Jam is open to all levels of experience, so feel free to join in this exploration of identity and love!

For the privacy of our participants, we ask allies to sit this one out.

August 11: Hashpeace Improv

hashpeace improv
Where: The Improv Company (62B South Bridge Road)
When: 9.45am to 12.45pm
Facebook Event Page

If you enjoy being spontaneous and actively engaged in a comedic session, then join us at HashPeace Improv! A comedic improv with a cause.

No prior experience is needed. You will be trained by our Improv coach in a series of exercises on improvisation techniques and rules such as, “Yes, and…”. These rules will then be applied to social scenes. Let your quick wit, humour and natural instincts take over. There is no written script. Just go with the flow and collaborate with fellow participants to see how the stories unfold.

We will round up the session by discussing the social scenes and how we can be more conscious of the unconscious that resides in our minds.

August 11: Singapore Improv Duo Show

improv duo singapore
Where: Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity (89A Desker Road)
When: 8pm-0930pm
Get tickets for $10 online | RSVP on Facebook

NotOK presents Singapore Improv Duos – a celebration of talented improv duos in Singapore.

Singapore has a wonderful comedy improv duo scene. After our first sold out performance in June – we are bringing back some of Singapore’s funniest twosomes:

Four wonderful troupes this show!

  • VD – One of the newest troupes to hit the improv stage, but already creating a splash.
  • XJ and Luke – Building on so many years of improv – chemistry just for you.
  • Pashmy – Serious experience and talent here leads to a killer improv set.
  • NOT OK – back again with crazy antics.

August 11: CAGEMATCH! Karma Cornflicts vs IITSG

Where: The Improv Company (62B South Bridge Road)
When: 0930pm onwards
$10 at the door

This Saturday, Indian Improv Theatre SG goes head-to-head with Karma Cornflicts! It’s going to be a epic ride of quick-fire punchlines and thrilling plot twists from two fantastic comedy teams! Grab your popcorn and watch them brawl for your LOLs. 

They’ll blow you away with an electrifying evening of on-the-spot intrigue and hilarity.

You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll cancel your NETFLIX subscription!

When it’s over, you choose who returns next week to defend the crown against an ALL-NEW TEAM! 

Brought to you by The Modern Schemers and The Improv Company.

August 17: Indian Improv Theatre SG: Chak Bae! India

Indian Improv Theatre Singapore

Where: kult kafé
When: 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
RSVP on Facebook | Tickets $15 online

It’s FRIDAY NIGHT! Strap yourself in for a night of double independence, one from the oppression of your workplace, and the other from the oppression of the British empire.

On 15th of August 1947, when the clock struck midnight, a new country was given birth. The last 70 years have been a roller-coaster ride since then. IIT will make you flash back to memorable moments that you read in your history books or copied from your friends notes during history class.

It’ll be an off-the-rails evening of kickass improv with making a mockery out of India, colonialism and down right stupid things along the way.

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll have a great night. All for just $15 online. At-The-Door ticket going at $20.

August 18: Modern Schemers present: Hungry Hungry Hantus

Where: Aliwal Arts Centre #02-05
When: 7pm to 8.30pm
RSVP on Facebook | Tickets $10 online

It is now the seventh month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. It is said that the gates of the afterlife open and those who have passed on will return to visit.

At “Modern Schemers present: Hungry Hungry Hantus”, you get to choose who you want to invite from the afterlife to the land of the living, and the Modern Schemers will reach out to them.

P.S. Remember to leave the front row empty during the show for our invisible guests.

August 18: Bigbooty and Wildboy – An Improvised Sitcom

improvised sitcom
Where: The Improv Company (62B South Bridge Road)
When: 7.30pm to 9pm
RSVP on Facebook | Tickets $10 online
The Company Players are back at it again with another round of improvised sitcoms! Come watch them churn out hilarious (yet wholesomely meaningful) stories about a day in the life of our ordinary characters in their not-so-ordinary circumstances.

PLUS – Stay on afterwards to watch Cagematch #8 at 9.30pm!

August 18: CAGEMATCH! IITSG vs May Contain Nuts

Singapore Improv May Contain Nuts
Where: The Improv Company (62B South Bridge Road)
When: 0930pm onwards
RSVP on Facebook | Tickets $10 at the door

August 25: [Workshop] Improvising Stories – Stories with Structure!

improv workshop in singapore
Where: GOODMAN ARTS CENTRE Block E, #03-32
When: 9:30AM – 12:30PM
Price: $50
RSVP on Facebook | Book your seat

Every person has a wealth of life experiences and memories stored in them, waiting to be told through stories. In this hands-on workshop, adults will learn to improvise short stories by playing games and telling the stories orally.

The games played during the workshop will trigger the participants’ imagination and memories which they will use to create stories.

This workshop is suitable for storytellers, writers, illustrators, educators, parents and everyone who enjoys using their imagination and building on their communication skills.


  • Understand how characters are driven by goal and motive
  • Create stories on the spot using a simple structure
  • Think and speak “on their feet”

Ana Sousa Gavin is an experienced storyteller and trainer, qualified in Psychology and Early Years Education. She has a great passion for storytelling and believes that anyone can be a storyteller with their own personal style.

August 25: CAGEMATCH! ??? vs Sometimes Trouble

sometimes trouble improv
Where: The Improv Company (62B South Bridge Road)
When: 0930pm onwards
RSVP on Facebook | Tickets $10 at the door  

August 25: A Night Festival of Comedy with The Latecomers

Where: Singapore Art Museum Waterloo Courtyard
When: 10.30pm to 11.30pm s
latecomers singapore improv

August 26: Driving Me Nuts

driving me nuts
Where: Word Forward at #02-05 Aliwal Arts Centre
When: 4pm to 6pm and 7.30pm to 9.30pm
RSVP on Facebook | Tickets online 

Feel like you need a bit more laughter this month? Do you feel that sometimes, life and work can be just a bit… nuts?

We have just the thing for you! May Contain Nuts proudly invites you to our first improv comedy show, “Driving Me Nuts”.

We’re an improv comedy troupe – that means that we get prompts from our lovely audience (you!) and immediately come up with unique, never-before-seen comedy skits. These skits are completely new and unrehearsed: we’ll take your zany prompts and make them work!

Join us for an evening of laughter and wackiness – freshly made, just for you.

Come try out improv

August 4, 18: The Improv Company’s Improv for Everyone Taster Sessions

Where: The Improv Company (62B South Bridge Road)
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A little nervous about signing up for a full course? No worries! Every first and third Saturday, The Improv Company hosts our Improv For Everyone workshop.

It’s a fun, no-pressure introduction to improvised theatre, suitable for any age or personality type! In this taster session, you can try out a few games and exercises about the principles behind improv and comedy. Wear comfortable clothes and drop in for two hours.


Check out our calendar for improv classes and the most up-to-date schedule.

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