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Apr 3: Delta Force Improv presents Jay Soon and the Golden Fleece

⌛ 7.30pm to 9.30pm
🏢 The Merry Lion
💵 S$15
Facebook Event Page | Booking Link

Apr 6: Whose Company Is It AnyPlay? (by The Company Players)

⌛ 7.30pm
🏢 The Improv Company
💵 S$10
Facebook Event Page | Booking Link

The Company Players are starting the year with some good ol’ classic improv games! Get your Drew Carey-vibe on and buzzer your way to The Improv Company for some hearty laughs and fun times!!!!

Apr 11: [French Improv] Match D’improvisation

⌛ 8pm
🏢 Lowercase @ LaSalle
💵 S$10
Booking Link

Un combat hors norme filles contre garçons pour votre plus grand plaisir! Venez nombreux choisir votre meilleure équipe et aider en donnant un thème et une catégorie (libre, chantée, sans parole, conte, commedia dell’arte, etc…).

Le match d’impro est né en 1977 et est un jeu où 2 équipes s’affrontent en enchaînant des improvisations sur un thème donné, un arbitre suit le déroulé et le public vote. Durée 90 mns comme un match de Hockey.

Apr 12: Improvanopolis Presents “The Living Room”

8pm to 9.30pm
🏢 The Merry Lion
💵 S$25
Facebook | Booking Link

Why “The Living Room”? Improvanopolis was born in a simple living room in Los Angeles back in 2006…since then we have had many get togethers just to play, and many of those were in a living room. Some of the best moments we have are just making each other laugh. The Merry Lion space reminds me of this, a small space to come out and see creativity come to life. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that uses the audience suggestions to make scenes up on the spot.

Apr 13: Organic Harold, by Jonathan Pitts & Friends

Harold Improv

🗓️ Sat, 13th Apr’19 (9.30-10.30pm)
🏛️ The Improv Company (62B South Bridge Road)
🎟️ $10 [at-the-door]
Facebook Event Page

Come watch the attendees of the Workshop – ‘Organic Harold’ by Jonathan Pitts – as they bring to life the Organic Harold as Del Close had intended it to be!

When Del Close originally created the Harold, he did so in San Francisco in the late 60’s and then he further refined it in Chicago in the mid-70’s to early ’80’s. The style of the Harold that Del did then is now called “The Organic Harold” which featured a looser and freer structure that explored more in-depth the suggestion given by the audience than the now traditional Opening/3 scenes/game/3 scenes/game/3 scenes/Wrap up style of Harold that has been written about in books. Jonathan Pitts studied with Del Close 3 times, each time for a year. From Del, he learned how to perform The Organic Harold as well as the early origins of group-mind. In a world of Harolds, the original version was more like small batch handcrafted beer, made one Harold at a time, by improv artisans.

Apr 14: Improvised Improv by Ad Hoc Improv Shows

improvised improv singapore

⌛ 4.30pm
🏢 The Improv Company
💵 $10
Facebook Event Page

J. Pitts, Shu and Vic are putting on a longform show because they yes-anded each other! Yay!

Tickets are $10 each:
1) Send money via Pay Now or Pay Lah! to Ad Hoc Improv Shows at 91066701. That is the only way to buy the ticket.
2) Please screenshot your transaction and send it to 91066701 WITH YOUR NAME. You can also FB message the screenshot to us.

Unfortunately the venue is not wheelchair accessible. 🙁

Doors open at 4.15pm. The show will start promptly at 4.30pm.

Apr 14: Ginger Tea Improv: Teh Kosong

Ginger Tea: Kosong is the titular group’s first ever show! 

For our pilot show, we will be doing a show similar to a Whose-Line format! Come down for multiple great bursts of cacophony and enjoy a wonderful Sunday evening courtesy to yours truly!

Tickets at

Apr 14: Lecture – ‘9 Ways Up the Mountain’ by Jonathan Pitts

🗓️ Sun, 14th Apr’19 (8.00-9.00pm)
🏛️ The Improv Company (62B South Bridge Road)
🎟️ $10 [at-the-door]
FB Event Page

There are 9 major philosophies in world-wide improvisational theatre. Each of those philosophies has produced improv theatres, training centres, shows, directors, and performers. Each philosophy is like a different path leading up to the same top of a mountain in which the final view is transcendent and the same, but the ways up can be very different from each other.

This lecture will analyze, compare and contrast those 8 different major improv dogmas, including their similarities and their differences, without valuing one approach over the other. After all, the aim of climbing the improv mountain is to get to the peak, as that’s where best sights are.

Apr 18: ArtScience Late: The Latecomers

artscience museum improv

8pm, 9pm
🏢 ArtScience Museum Expression Gallery, Level 4
💵 Free
Facebook Event Page

A comic response to Wonderland, a playful interactive exhibition based on Lewis Carroll’s timeless stories of Alice and her adventures, The Latecomers are here with an invitation to tumble down the rabbit hole. Come prepared to have your suggestions and stories spun into a series of spontaneous, fantastical scenes – all with a Wonderland twist.

This edition of ArtScience Late is programmed in celebration of Wonderland.

Apr 26: The Spam Artists Presents: Lights, Camera, and Explosions!

🏢 thebridge, 2 Science Park Drive
💵 $10
Facebook Event Page | Booking Link

In a world where Michael Bay is given unlimited creative freedom, and Woody Allen is exploring his next romance comedy film, tragicomedy and explosions ensues.

On Friday night, 26th April in south-west Singapore, two brand new never-before-seen blockbuster films filled with “lights, camera and explosions” will be showcased in front of a live audience!

Drop in for a night of improvised comedy with The Spam Artists, a Singapore-based troupe, as they present two long form “films” made up entirely on the spot.

It will be a night of fun, laughter and possibly tears!

Presented in collaboration with thebridge co-working space.

Apr 27: Improvanopolis.SG Show

⌛ 9pm to 10pm
🏢 Singapore Repertory Theatre
💵 $22(online) | $25 (at-the-door)
Facebook Event Page | Booking Link

Come out for short form improv in the vein of “Who’s Line Is It Anyway”!!
Featuring professional actors from around the globe. Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, and the US!!

Apr 30: PowerPoint Karaoke Singapore – April Show

8pm to 9.30pm
🏢 The Hive Carpenter
💵 $15
Facebook Event Page | Booking Link

After four sold out shows, PowerPoint Karaoke is back!

What happens when you create a bunch of random slides and get presenters who have never seen them before to speak about them?

You are about to find out in this exciting comedy show–PowerPoint Karaoke Singapore (PPTKTV).

With topics ranging from anything from a startup pitch to a quarterly business review to a PhD thesis defence, watch as our speakers think on their feet to give a presentation, unlike anything you will ever see again.

What’s even better? You, as the audience, get to choose what the speakers will be presenting.

Try Out Improv

Apr 6, 20, 29: Workshop – ‘Improv for Everyone’ Taster Session

improv classes in singapore

🏢 The Improv Company (62B South Bridge Road)
💵 S$15
Facebook Event Page | Booking Link

The Improv Company hosts an Improv For Everyone workshop three times every month! This one-off workshop is a fun, no-pressure introduction to improvised theatre, suitable for any age or personality type! In this taster session, you can try out a few games and exercises about the principles behind improv and comedy. Wear comfortable clothes and drop in for two hours.

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