Hi, I’m Yun Qing. I run–the listing for all things improv in Singapore.

I started this website because I was hungry for shows to watch.

It wasn’t easy trying to track down the different Facebook pages of improv teams to know of their shows.

I had wished there was a spot where all improv shows and events in Singapore were listed.

There wasn’t one.

Since I was already tracking every show, I thought I might as well compile them in one spot.

So, I created

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How to support the site

I run this out of my love and enthusiasm for improv. I hope it’s useful for you.

If it is, let me know in person. It means a lot to me because it sometimes seems like I’m posting into the abyss and it can get lonely.

You can also support this site by sharing the listing every month on your social media accounts. 

Or you can support the site with a S$2 donation so I can buy a kopi from Yakun before my improv rehearsals.